Novelis is a technology consulting firm created in 2017, at the forefront of AI research, specializing in innovative architectures and operational efficiency of business processes. Founded by technology enthusiasts, we have the will to be part of an approach resolutely turned towards research and innovation.    

Our ambition is to have a long-lasting impact on innovation processes within the company and to make cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation or Smart Automation, accessible to all organizations, regardless of their size. We want to make technological innovation a lever for growth and operational efficiency to meet our customers’ business challenges.

As such, Novelis has the status of Young Innovative Company and collaborates with the AI Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris.

Novelis has developed Novy POM thanks to its expertise in RPA (Robotic Process Automation), OCR (Optical Character Recognition), IS architectures, Artificial Intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing). The solution provides automation in SaaS or On Premise mode, with a billing system based on the volume of invoices or purchase orders processed.

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Novelis supports its development ambitions and those of its partner and clients by basing itself on strong convictions. Our DNA and our values carry us through our daily work and are felt every day. They are the guarantee of the quality of our technological solutions and of our support to reach excellence.

Our clients

Novy POM is a business solution that can be adapted to any sector of activity, find here an extract of the Smart Automation project references. The different Smart Automation projects managed by Novelis reflect the global architecture vision of the company that we could summarize in 3 words: ROI, agility and resilience.

Our partners

With the support of key international RPA software partners, Novelis was able to design Novy POM, an agile and modular smart automation solution, for its clients. This is why we are now able to provide a tool with exceptional automation and innovation capabilities.